Arrow 9S Standard Tag Gun

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Material: ABS
Packing: 1pc/box, 100boxes/ctn
Box Size: 14.5*13*2.8cm
Net Weight: 8.9kg
Gross Weight: 12.2kg

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This arrow 9s tag gun is widely used to tag the labels on the clothes, carpets, etc, it is one of the best economical tag guns in the market. Its ergonomic design makes it very comfortable to be used. Just to load the tag gun with the tag pin, pull the trigger, then the tags will be attached easily and effortlessly. Its cap can protect both the operator and the needle when the gun is not in use.

features of our arrow 9s tag gun

The arrow 9s tag gun is suitable for 50 pins/clip standard tag pins, V pins, ring pins, hook pins, etc. And it works well with NZ202, NZ202P, NZ204, NZ204P regular needles. Our tag guns can meet most of your tagging and attaching needs.